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I did not receive any confirmation email. What should I do?

Please email and we will find the best way to solve the issue. Remember to check your Spam as well.

I can’t remember login details

If you have forgotten the email address you used in your subscription, please contact us at If you have forgotten your password you can create a new one by clicking here.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Cancel your Premium plan any time on your account page.
1. Log into
2. Under Your plan, click Cancel Plan.

How can I reactivate my subscription if it has been canceled?

You can subscribe to our website with the same email you used previously.

Can I use the same account on more than one computer?

Yes, as long as not simultaneously. If you want to use your account on more than one computer simultaneously, Blocks offers plans that can suit you better. Check it out here.

If you represent a company and need Blocks’ service for more than one employee, please contact us at

If I sign up now, will I have access to all collections that have already been released?

Yes, all existing collections will be available in Plug-in Blocks.

The number of available families, however, is linked to the chosen subscription plan:
Premium Plan: unlimited and complete access to the Block's Library.
Free Plan: limited access to the Block's library.

What is the Subscription Club?

The Subscription Club is the Revit family release service offered by Blocks.

A new collection is weekly launched with 25 unique and high-quality families, wholly developed in Revit and designed for interior projects. The parametric families are available through Blocks' Plug-in for Revit.
To access the service you must have one of the following subscription plans: Free or Premium.

With the Free Plan you will have 5 families of each released collection.
With the Premium Subscription Plan, you will have access to all the 25 families of each collection, besides thousands of currently available families.

How much is the Subscription Club?

There are two subscription plans: Free and Premium.

With the Free Plan you have access to 5 new families every week in addition to the hundreds of families already available in the Plug-in.

The Premium is paid monthly and you have access to the complete collections: 25 new families weekly in addition to almost 2000 families already available in the Plug-in.

Payment methods

You can pay with: Credit/debit card.

Note: Methods vary per country or region. To see the payment methods available where you are, go to
Scroll down to Plans, click on Premium Subscription and continue through to the checkout. You won’t be charged until you submit your payment info.

Billing date

The billing day is the same day your subscription was activated.

You can’t change your billing date, but you can:
1. Cancel your plan.
2. Wait for your plan to switch to free (at your next billing date).
3. Re-subscribe on the day you’d like to be charged.

Note: Your account needs to stay free until the day you want the new billing to start. If you re-subscribe before then, it will stay the same.

Is there loyalty or minimum subscription time?

No, you can cancel your subscription at any time, so it lasts as long as you like. While you are subscribing, you will have the benefits of the Premium plan, receiving 25 unique families each week! When canceling your membership, it will automatically downgrade to the free plan.

Is there a special price for groups of people?

No, each subscription is individual, personal, and non-transferable. However, if you represent a company and want to hire the service for more than one employee, please contact us through the email:

Regular payment failed

If a monthly payment fails, you won't immediately lose your Premium. We’ll try to take the payment again over the next few days. You can check or update your payment info on your account page, under Your plan.

Plug-in Pricing

Plug-in download is free.

How do I access the Plug-in?

The plug-in is free and available to download online (click here). Just install, choose the version compatible with your Revit version and define your preferred language.

For which Revit versions is the Plug-in available?

The Plug-in is available for the following Revit versions: 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Basic prerequisites for installation

It is essential to have the Revit software installed on your computer in one of the versions suitable for the Plug-in. In addition, it is also necessary to have internet access, as the Revit families and other files are hosted in the cloud, not on the user's computer.

How to install the Plug-in

How to install:
1. Log in to your account at to download the installation file at Download.
2. Open the file installation window.
3. Choose the version that is compatible with your version of Revit and your preferred language.
4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, checking the corresponding boxes.
5. Click to Install.‍ Done! The Blocks Plug-in will be available in Revit.

Where can I find the Revit Plug-in?

After installing it, the Blocks Plug-in will be available at the Add-ins Tab within the Interior Design panel. Just click on the button to open the Plug-in.

How do I uninstall the Plug-in?

Uninstalling the Plug-in is simple. Follow these steps: 
If you use Windows, click on Start; Select All the apps. Then, in the searching bar, type "Blocks", and click on "Uninstall". Done!

Does the Plug-in work without an internet connection?

The Plug-in library is hosted in a cloud server. Therefore, to load it, the application must have internet access.

I loaded a family into Revit, and it didn't show up. How to proceed?

Try to check the view settings to see if the family categories are enabled. To do this, access the Visibility panel (VG command) and check the Model Categories. If you have any View Model applied, access the settings for that model through the Properties window.

Log in

The first step to using the Plug-in is to log in with the email and password you used for the website registration. If you don't have a user yet, you can sign up here.


In your profile tab, you have the following options:
1. Add a photo to your profile
2. Generate a Plug-in Share Link
3. Contact Blocks
4. Go to FAQ

Families Icon

Through the Families tab you have access to all the families available according to your subscription plan.
You can search for families by keywords at the head bar, so you can easily find them in the Plug-in.
Below the Rocket icon, you'll also find the Filter, enabling you to search the available families by order, by category, by rooms, and by tags.
Below the Filter, you will also choose which thumbnails view mode you prefer: in List, Large, Medium, or Small.


In this tab, you will be able to see all the available collections, as well as a brief description of each one. Just like on the Families tab, below the Rocket icon, you'll find the Filter to search for collections that contain a specific type of family, filtering also by order, category, rooms, and tags. You can also switch between a List view or View Collections.


By selecting one or more families and right-clicking it, you can add them to a new group or an existing group. When creating a new group, you can also choose a cover between the images provided by Blocks to it, facilitating its identification.
According to your designs, the groups of families can help you in your workflow, helping you organize the items in the best way possible.
Below the Rocket you will see two icons, the first one is for editing, and the second is for deleting the selected groups. Next you will find the available visualization modes of the thumbnails: as a List, Large, Medium, or Small miniatures.

Favorite Icon

The favorite icon allows you to select one or more families as "Favorite", thus helping to distinguish the ones you like the most. This selection of families can be seen in the “Favorites” tab.

What is the Check icon for?

The Checkmark allows you to tag multiple families at once to make an action such as "Add to Favorites" or "Add to Group".

History Tab

On this tab, you can see the latest families used by you.


The notifications related to Blocks Club will be displayed in the Bell tab.

New Releases

Whenever a new collection is released, it will be available in the Releases Tab and the Rocket icon will be highlighted. By clicking on the Rocket, you can check the new collection. Then, load it into the Plug-in by clicking in View New Collection, and then Add to Library.

Sending my project images to Blocks

You can send us your design images by clicking on the Plug-in Image icon or by the contact page on our website. In addition, we share the best pictures on our social media and in the Member Gallery on our website.

Are the textures loaded automatically?

Yes. When adding a new family to your project, the plugin will also download textures of the family, if needed. These textures will be saved in a new folder, created during application installation, in the path: “File > Options > Rendering > Additional Render Appearance Paths”.

I uploaded a family to my Revit project and the texture image is missing.

During the Plug-in installation, a folder is automatically created to save the textures of the loaded families into your Revit. The path to this folder is: “File > Options > Rendering > Additional Render Appearance Paths”.

If your Revit version is 2020 or 2021, maybe the family textures won't automatically load when you insert them into your project. This is a common bug associated with these two versions of Revit*, but Autodesk fixed it in the 2022 version. Therefore, we strongly recommend you update your Revit to the latest version.* See the issue in Autodesk Education Support

*See the issue in Autodesk Education Support:

How can I get the weekly collections?

You will have access to the families through the Blocks Plug-in. After installing and adding it to your Revit, select and drag the desired families to your project. The new collections are displayed in the Releases Tab (Rocket), and whenever a new collection is available, the icon of the rocket will be highlighted. To load the new collection into the app click View New Collection and then Add to Library.

How do I know when a collection has been released?

New collections are released every Monday, with one new collection per week. Once the collection is launched, the Rocket icon will be highlighted to indicate the news.

Can I download a single family, or do I need to download the entire collection?

All families are available in the cloud, organized by their respective collections. The object is only downloaded when the user takes it to Revit by clicking and dragging it into the project.

Can I add more than one family to the project at a time?

The plugin allows you to enter only one family at a time.

How do I know if an old collection or family has been updated?

The Blocks families are constantly revised, and the Plug-in will always have the most up-to-date versions, thus ensuring maximum quality of all available collections.
Use the Plug-in whenever you want to insert a new family into a project, ensuring that you are using its latest version.