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1. General Data Collection

The priority of the Platform is to ensure the privacy and security of registered users' information ("User").

Therefore, the main objective of this Privacy Policy is to define the Platform policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. By using the Platform and accepting this Privacy Policy at the time of registration, the User acknowledges and agrees to adopting the practices, as described in this Instrument, provided for in Brazilian law - especially the Civil Framework of the Internet and the Protection Law Personal Data.

The Platform reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time to meet legal and technical requirements. The User will be notified of all modifications through our official communication channels within the effective date, and the User, by remaining in the system, demonstrates that he agrees with the modifications made.

2. Register
The purpose of the Platform is to facilitate the User's experience. Therefore, the User's proactiveness in entering his data means that he wants to benefit from the Platform tools and agrees to the privacy terms, including his sharing with third parties, affiliates, and partners' digital payment systems the correct provision of services. When selecting suppliers and partners, the Platform considers the respective data gathering processes and the concern for maintaining due security for undue unauthorized/unintentional /unwarranted sharing.

Information such as full name, date of birth, gender, national identity document, contact phone, log in, email, password, and payment details (when necessary to make purchases) must be registered on the Platform. In the event the interested User is a legal entity, other information will be essential to finalize the registration, such as company name, national registration. The User does not need to provide this personal information, but if he chooses not to provide it, the Platform will not be able to provide content, services, or answer his questions in many cases.
In the "Members Gallery" area on our Platform, we display the work of professionals who use our content, whether they are premium subscribers or free users, indicating the professional's name upon their authorization.  If the User is aware that the work exhibited there violates any data protection or industrial property legislation (copyright), he should contact the Platform at

In the event that the User enters personal data from third parties, for the correct provision of the Platform services, the User is solely and exclusively responsible for ensuring that this third party has authorized the insertion of their data, exempting the Platform from any indemnity resulting from data processing by the third party, even if the third party is not the Platform User.

The User's data is private, and the User will only have full access to the Platform through login and password. The login and password are for personal and non-transferable use. For that reason, the Platform is not responsible for any unauthorized manipulation of this information by third parties. Therefore, the User agrees to take all necessary measures to keep said information confidential.

The User has the right to access, modify, correct, and delete data about him regarding his decision to become a User. If the User revokes his consent and authorization to use his data on the Platform, his data will be removed from future consultation. However, some information will remain on file for the Platform's sole and exclusive purpose in order to meet the legal requirements of the Marco Civil da Internet and its legitimate interest in the forms permitted by law.

The User undertakes to notify the Platform immediately via email ( about any unauthorized use of his account, as well as unauthorized access to it by third parties. The User is solely responsible for the operations carried out on his account as it can only be accessed through a password which is the exclusive knowledge of the User.

3. Personal information collected by the Platform
The Platform uses "cookies" and "web beacons" (data automatically downloaded to the User's computer) to improve the quality of the information offered on its portal for the Users themselves. The regular use of cookies and web beacons is an acceptable practice in the industry as it allows the storage of important information such as the User’s previous accesses to the Platform to avoid displaying subsequent repeated or outdated content and to always seek an improved Platform experience by the User. If the User is not willing to receive cookies or wants a prior notification before use, he must program, at his discretion, his Web browser (Web browser) with these options, if his browser has the resource.

In addition to the personal information provided, the Platform has the technological capacity to collect other technical information, such as the User’s Internet protocol address, the computer's operating system, the type of browser, and the reference websites' address.
As previously determined, the Platform will not provide User information to third parties without prior authorization except in cases where it is necessary to respond to judicial requests from governmental entities, and only within the limits of the Marco Civil da Internet and the Personal Data Protection Law, to protect the rights, properties, and/or security of the Platform, its Users and/or the public at large (third parties, as required by law).

The Platform has the rights to consult databases to identify Users with multiple identities or pseudonyms for legal and/or security purposes as necessary to settle any disputes, solve problems, and ensure that Users are not using the Platform for illicit purposes, under the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Additionally, if the Platform is obligated by law, court order, or other legal processes to disclose any personal information of the User, it will not hesitate to cooperate with these agents, within limits provided for in the Civil Framework of the Internet and the Data Protection Law. Personal. Thus, through this Instrument, the User authorizes the Platform to disclose this personal information to serve only the purposes indicated above.

The Platform also declares, for the proper purposes, that it will make the fullest efforts to guarantee the protection of the Users' privacy and maintain the respective accuracy, with security systems that guarantee the total protection of this data, with reasonable physical, administrative and technical safeguards to protect the data User's personal information regarding unauthorized access, use or disclosure. It is the  policy of the Platform not to participate in the practice of selling or exchanging personal data with third parties for promotional purposes and also requires its suppliers to protect such information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

4. Permission for the Platform to process information about the User

The use of the system and anything that does not make it personally identifiable (such as the information provided by the User and recorded due to the navigation pattern, for example), the so-called ‘anonymized data’, will be used by the Platform and will serve as inputs for mapping market information, formation of statistics, and direction of marketing actions. By registering, using, and providing information to the Platform, the User deliberately accepts the Terms of Use and conditions of the Privacy Policy to use their anonymized information.

Information provided by the User that makes him personally identifiable, as indicated in item 2 above, has the sole purpose of ensuring the Users relate to the tools available on the Platform and to exclusively meet the commands performed by these.

Additionally, the information provided is used to (i) manage the Users' account; (ii) process commands requested on the Platform, such as the tools requested at the time of registration or later and/or the debit of the amounts on the credit cards, when expressly informed by the Users; (iii) communicate platform updates; (iv) when authorized at the time of registration, to communicate news and marketing actions from the Platform or partners, through opt-in technology; and/or (v) when required by the authorities, within the limits of the Marco Civil da Internet and the Personal Data Protection Law, respond to requests for investigation by these bodies.

Consequently, the right to close an account on the Platform, update or correct User data, or unsubscribe from received messages, is guaranteed to the User under the law. He can access the unsubscribe link at the end of the emails, the settings panel directly on the Platform, or upon request to administrators by email (

Therefore, when it is indicated that the Platform uses User's personal information in the context of an order, command, transaction, or agreement (or for the preparation of the same), or even to provide the User with services requested by the User (such as access to the Platform), this information is required as necessary for the correct provision of services.

When it is indicated that the Platform uses the User's personal information for marketing, improvement, or development of its products and/or services, for security reasons, or regulatory requirements outside the scope of the User's agreement or request, this change is carried out based on the legitimate interests of the Platform or third parties or with the authorization of the User.

5. User obligations

The User must comply with the current Terms of Use, as published by the Platform on its website, and with this Privacy Policy, which includes respecting the Platform and any third party’s intellectual property.

The User must not download, upload or otherwise disseminate material or information of a violent, offensive, racist or xenophobic nature or that of anyone who violates the spirit and objectives of the Platform and its Users, as well as creating a parallel market for the marketing of intellectual property products of the Platform.

The User must not provide the Platform and/or any other User with information that he believes is harmful to him, professionally or socially. Thus, when posting comments in public places on the Platform or in any communication channel, the User must consider that this information will be visible to other Users and the public in general.

6. Underage Users

Minors' information may not be submitted to the Platform by persons under the age of 18 without parents’ or guardians' prior consent. It is strictly forbidden for minors to browse and use the Platform's various tools without the aforementioned permission.

If information about minors is submitted to the Platform, we ask that the User present the specific consent, given by at least one of the parents or legal guardians, on behalf of the minor. With the acceptance of the terms provided for in this Privacy Policy, at the time of registration, it will be tacitly understood that this consent was given by the parents or guardians and that the information entered in the register, together with the information of minors, was also provided by these parents or guardians, the content accessed by minors being their sole responsibility.

7. Data Retention and Export Period

The Platform will not retain personal information any longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was processed, including the security of the processing following legal and regulatory obligations (e.g., auditing, accounting, and statutory retention terms), litigation regarding the processing, and the establishment, exercise, or defense of its legitimate interest.

However, when canceling their registration, the User will have a period of 30 (thirty) days from the last day of access to the Platform to export their data. After this period, the Platform will no longer guarantee the availability of the User's data, and the User is aware that, under the legislation in force, the User must keep a physical backup of these files for the periods required by law, regardless of the services and/or products provided by the Platform.

8. User Communication Channel

If the User has any questions about this Privacy Policy or suggestion about the Platform, he can send an email to
Messages will be forwarded to the person responsible for handling User information, in the light of the Personal Data Protection Law, which, for all purposes and effects, is Mr. [insert full name of DPO].

9. Right to Complain
If the User considers that the processing of his personal information by the Platform is not in compliance with the applicable data protection laws, he has the right to file a complaint: (i) directly through the Platform, by sending an email (; and/or (ii) with the competent data protection authorities.


Posted on 29/03/2021
Last updated on 3/29/2021